M7 pleased with Operation Wealth Creation progress

cwfefwvxyaa4wmcPresident Yoweri Museveni has revealed that the delivery and progress of Operation Wealth Creation is at a good pace.

His assessment of the programme follows a nearly one-week fieldwork that he has been undertaking since 29th October 2016 in Luweero district that had the aim of accessing the project’s growth and results.

The President was last evening addressing a press conference at the new State Lodge in Kawumu village, Luweero district where he has been staying and visiting farmers in diverse areas in the district for an on the spot assessment of the production activities wananchi are carrying out to improve their household income.

Mr. Museveni told the press conference that the purpose of Operation Wealth Creation is conversion of 68% of Ugandan homesteads from subsistence agriculture to calculative commercialized farming in order to increase their wealth.

“I am totally against the elite island economy where there are a few rich people surrounded by a lot of under-developed people,” he said.

The President further said that Operation Wealth Creation project, having started in 1996 as ‘Entandikwa’ and later as NAADS [National Agricultural Advisory Services], did not give him satisfying results. It was upon this background, he said, that he decided to deploy UPDF soldiers in 2013 to implement Operation Wealth Creation programme.

He added that during his on spot-checking in some parishes like Mawale, Kangave and Namuyamba, he found out that UPDF Officers had delivered and had made an impact. He said that according to one of the parish chiefs in Mawale, 280 homesteads out of 1100, are involved in Operation Wealth Creation which he noted, is a sign of the project’s success.
The President also said that the target of Operation Wealth Creation is to make sure that all Ugandan homesteads join commercial farming year by year.

Mr. Museveni told the press conference that his recent act of fetching water on a bicycle was meant to demonstrate drip irrigation at his new farm in Luweero adding that this was a call for leaders in Uganda to be humble, approachable and reachable just like Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. He reiterated that it was also a message to the people of Uganda to start simple, use manual irrigation while waiting for mechanized irrigation and rain-fed watering.

The President urged the media in the country to talk more about wealth creation with a view to sensitizing the people.


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